Screen paint for wall instalation

0. Step

Working conditions: ambient temperature 5° – 35, relative humidity 85% or less
Applicator: spray equipment
Application: over 2 times
Undersurface: surface cleanup required

1. Step

Choose a suitable location for the future screen. Select appropriate surface, where projection screen paint for wall should be applied. Examine the condition of the selected surface to be used for projection before painting begins.

2. Step

The surface selected to be a projection screen must be fit up before painting. Usually some sandpaper work and bottom surface cleaning is necessary to get perfectly smooth surface without spots and cracks.

3. Step

Select the area and the shape, which you want to transform to projection screen. Use masking tape to cover adjacent areas that you do not wish to paint.

4. Step

In the case of highly absorbent or multi-colored surfaces, it is strongly recommended to use a primer as a base under the projection screen paint on the wall. This undercoating step is optional.

5. Step

Shake the projection screen paint for wall sharply in the bottle before opening. After opening, pour it to the spray equipment.

6. Step

Start spraying on wall surface. Make the movements steady and uniform to reach the smoothest surface. In case of no availability of spray equipment contact us for price proposal of spray installation.

7. Step

Remove the masking tape immediately after painting the projection screen paint before drying (removing the masking tape after the projection paint has dried may cause the paint to “tear” from the surface).

8. Step

Let the projection screen paint for wall to dry for about 2 hours. The exact time depends on weather conditions, especially temperature and humidity.

9. Step

Install the projector and set the projector to a painted surface with a projection screen paint for wall.

10. Step

Start a slideshow, video, or live stream.

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