Ordinary walls can be turned into extra large projection screens. Clear and vivid images can be enjoyed at reasonable price. It can be used for interior home theater, advertisement wall or outside media facade.

This is a projection screen paint for walls that is a water-soluble coating agent, used as screen. It is applicable to various substrates, including walls and structures made of wood or cement. It has excellent reflectivity without dazzling light, and produces a luxurious interior decoration effect.

Projection Screen paint, which is a spray-type product and needs spray equipment to be installed.


As there is no restriction of shape and size, it can be applied to any space, such as wide surface and curved surface. It is used for interior decoration of a cafe or walls of an exhibition hall. Without using any printed materials or decorations, you can easily decorate a wall.

You can create a new space by replacing videos or photos. It can be applied to a place that will be used as media facade and the exhibition of art works.


  • There is no restriction on shape, size and bending
  • uses less space than textile projection screen mounted on wall or ceiling
  • Price is comparable with textile projection screen

Special features:

  • Vivid colors
  • Matte polish
  • Pearl effect in image
  • Wide viewing angle, up to 150°


Volume: 1 liter / 4 litres
Appearance: liquid
Color palette: silver / dark silver / black
Application: spray or paint roller
Drying time: 2-6 hours
Surface: concrete, cement, drywall, wood
Storage time: 6 months (indoor conditions)
Dilution ratio: max 5% (only at high temperature), no dilution at room temperature

Comparison of Screen Paints

(blackdark silver and silver screen paint)

The following videos capture a projection on a white projection canvas painted with three projection paints (silver, dark silver, and black). For better comparison, the colors are placed in a 2×2 matrix.

The same video is projected on each color – the nature and Los Angeles at night. The first of the videos was recorded in the dark, the second was recorded with the light on (artificial lighting in the office). The projector used had a luminosity of 5000 ANSI lumens.

Los Angeles – Projection in the dark

Los Angeles – Projection in the light

(Original of the video: YouTube)

The nature – Projection in the dark

The nature – Projection in the light

(Original of the video: YouTube)

Screen paint for wall variations:

 UsageTheoretical coverageApplicationColorLayers to applyDrying timeRetail price (excl. VAT)
Screen paint for wall PRO, interior & exteriorInterior4 m² / 1 kgSpraySilver1 – 22 hours (touch), 6 hours (hard)282,50 €
Screen paint for wall PRO, interior & exteriorInterior4 m² / 1 kgSprayDark Silver1 – 22 hours (touch), 6 hours (hard)282,50 €
Screen paint for wall PRO, interior & exteriorInterior4 m² / 1 kgSprayBlack1 – 22 hours (touch), 6 hours (hard)282,50 €
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