Keep out of reach of children.

Inhale or smell the contents for a long time, please note it is harmful to human body.

Wear safety protective equipment (protective clothing, protective gloves, goggles, mask) to avoid skin contact when working.

If the paint gets on your skin, wipe it off immediately with soap and water.

Ensure sufficient ventilation during painting and drying.

Do not mix projection screen paint with other paints.

It is recommended to paint at an ambient temperature 5° to 35° and relative humidity 85%.

Do not use (smell, fuel, etc.) other than the application. When it spills out, please absorb it with absorbing sand or similar substance.

Long term storage may use deterioration. Please use as soon as possible.

If there is any discoloration (color difference, foreign matter inflow, stanation, etc.), please do not use and contact us.

Coverage area should be calculated considering loss and surface conditions.

Projection Screen Paint for Floor is a product requiring spray painting. When the roller is used, stain will appear. Apply using spray equipment.

If using masking tape, remove masking tape immediately after painted.

Do not use on kitchens, bathrooms or other surfaces exposed to water.

Do not clean the surface before it is completely dry (3 weeks).

The appearance may differ depending on the worker skills.

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