Developed to catch eyes on the floor, if you want to catch the eye of the entrance of the store and advertise an effective floor!

Projection screen paint for floor is water-soluble liquid type hybrid paint that is applied to various substrates and is special coating material that can display high quality images.

Compared with traditional media for outdoor advertising, it is more effective in catching the eyes of people. It is a solution for those who want to effectively draw attention at the entrance of their stores.

Why floor?

People today walk while watching their cell phones. This reduces the exposure of displays on the street and makes advertisements inefficient. On the other hand, live floors with images or videos interrupt people who stare to their smartphones and catch their eyes.

The floor is an achromatic broad surface, so when you are advertising on floor, it is more noticeable than the existing outdoor advertisement, which is already full of complex ads.

It is applicable to various substrates, including floor surface and structures made of wood or cement. It has excellent reflectivity without dazzling light, and produces a luxurious interior decoration effect.

It has enough strength to be used on the floor, and has excellent water resistance and stain resistance.

Special features:

  • Vivid colors
  • Deep colors
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Free size, shape and bending

If you are looking for effective and different advertising.

If you want to catch the eye from the entrance of the store.

If you want to customize your outdoor advertising.


Volume: 1 kg / 4 kg
Appearance: two component hybrid (base + hardener); water based paint
Color palette: silver / dark silver / black
Application: spray only
Drying time: 2-4 hours
Surface: concrete, stone, wood, iron
Storage time: 6 months (indoor conditions)
Dilution ratio: max 5% (only at high temperature), no dilution at room temperature

Comparison in bright environment

(blackdark silver and silver screen paint)

Screen paint for FLOOR variations:

Usage Theoretical coverage Application Shade Gain Viewing angle Layers to apply Drying time Retail price (excl. VAT)
Screen paint for floor Interior 4 m² / 1 kg Spray Silver 0,8 150° 1 – 2 3 hours (touch), 24 hours (hard) 290 €
Screen paint for floor Interior 4 m² / 1 kg Spray Dark Silver 0,7 150° 1 – 2 3 hours (touch), 24 hours (hard) 290 €
Screen paint for floor Interior 4 m² / 1 kg Spray Black 0,6 150° 1 – 2 3 hours (touch), 24 hours (hard) 290 €
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